Find help to deal with the devastating personal effects of traumatic brain injury. Locate marriage and family counsellors, psychologists, therapists, behavioural specialists and other resources.
Abilities Magazine Online
American Academy of Neurology
Ask Jeeves - Search Engine
Awake Again - story of a cyclist's recovery from TBI
Brain Book System
Brain Injury Guide (Book and services)
Coma Counselling for Families
Glossary of TBI Terms
Gisela Theurer - Professional Coach
GMT Consultants
Independent Living
Internet Resources for Special Children
Lash & Associates Publishing
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Neuropsychology Information
Nova Scotia Disability Resources Traumatic Brain Injury List of Resources
Opometric Extension Program
Overview of Traumatic Brain Injury
TBI Resource Guide - Excellent resource
TBI Survival Guide
T-BIRD (TBI Resource Directory)
Traumatic Brain Injury Care System
University of Alabama - Birmingham
Dr. Froggie's Parents and Kids Links

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